About us

V.J. International Company Limited is one of Thailand's leading glass suppliers and glass manufacturers. We have over 40 years experience in the glass industry, supplying the best quality 'made to order glass', of any size or shape, to contractors, companies and private clients. Over many years, we have built an excellent reputation for innovation, high quality and excellent customer service. If you have any requirement for glass, and are looking for a professional glass supplier, please do contact us, whether it is for a large scale development, or private luxury home. We can help you. Our extensive product range covers multiple finishes and includes the supply and design of glass for windows, doors, shower panels, security windows, interior design, specialist furniture pieces and displays.

What we do

We can supply glass for a variety of buildings including:
Office Buildings, Residential & Commercial DevelopmentsHotel, Resorts and Restaurants,Schools & Universities, Hospitals & Medical FacilitiesRetail Shops , Shopping Malls & Department StoresExhibition, Museums and Art Galleries

Our Products

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Standard Flat Glass

If you are looking for glass for your housing, condominium, shopping mall or commercial project, we can advise, help and supply all your requirements at very competitive prices.

Specialist Glass Finishes and Coatings

If you have a requirement for specialist glass finishes and coatings, please contact us and we can help.

Glass Design

We also have a huge range of fabulous glass designs and you can choose from our extensive catalogue, or alternatively bring your glass design to us and we can see how best to create it.

Our Clients

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V.J. International Co., Ltd.


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